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Welcome to Knowledge Base Knowledge Base is the repository of all knowledge needed to start working with devices, platform and developer tools.

What you'll find here

Kio Cloud section explains how to use Kio Cloud, how to create your account, onboard your devices and manage them. Also all features related to configuration of location services is explaind there.

Kio Beacons section provides an overview beacons, their unique features and functionality. It describes in details differences in firmware versions used on our beacons. It's also the place where you'll find specifications for Bluetooth Advertising packets broadcasted by devices.

Kio Portal Light section explains how to configure and use Portal Light. Portal Light is primary Bluetooth Low Energy gateway device. Its used to scanning and detecting Bluetooth devices in range. Device connects via WiFi with Cloud to transfer beacon presence data. Apart from its primary fucnionality you can also use Portal Light to send konfiguration changes to the beacon devices.

Kio Portal Beam section explains in detail how to install, configure and manage Portal Beam - a wireless, BLE, cloud-based, sensor quantifying rooms and delivering building insights in real-time. The Portal Beam uses nine different sensors: a thermal camera for occupancy and people counting, temperature, humidity, air quality, light, smoke detection, infrared beaconing, RSSI fingerprinting, and iBeacon.


Integrations section explains how to setup and use integrations with access points such as Cisco using Cisco DNA Spaces and Cisco Meraki. Cassia BLE gateways are also supported.

Restful API section explains how to use Management API to integrate with our Device Management backend. You can find there all REST API endpoints as well as Cloud-to-Clod Data streams data structure and configuration such as Azure Event House or AWS Kinesis.

Apps API section explains how to integrate with Kio Apps backend.

Mobile section is on iOS and Android SDKs that we provide for making sure that writing mobile apps that take full advantage of platform is as effortless as possible. These SDKs will help with detecting beacons will make the integration process with backend a breeze.

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