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Location Packet


This packet has not been officially released yet and is not supported on current publicly available firmwares. Please expect a firmware upgrade and a release announcement in the near future.

Byte offset Default/sample value Description
0 0x0E Block length - 15 bytes
1 0x16 Block type - service data
2 0x6A UUID
3 0xFE Continuation
4 0x05 Payload identifier
5 0xF4 Nominal Tx power (not Tx Power Level) that is set through beacon configuration (Int8)
6 0x25 BLE channel used for broadcasting Location Packet - 0 when normally broadcasting on all of them, or 37, 38 or 39 when only one of them is used (UInt8)
7 0x0A Beacon model identifier (UInt8)
8 0x01 Flags bit mask - index 0: beacon moving or not, indices 1-7: reserved for future use
9 0x41 Unique ID
10 0x62 Continuation
11 0x43 Continuation
12 0x64 Continuation
13 0x45 Continuation
14 0x66 Continuation