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Introduction to Smart Badge

Smart Badge is a BLE tag in the form of a holder, allowing you to turn any standard ISO ID cards into powerful one by simply sliding your card inside the badge. Equipped with an IR receiver signal that doesn’t penetrate the walls allowing for room-level granular accuracy. Thanks to two programmable call buttons, red and blue, Smart Badge is an effective response to staff duress situations possible.

Turn on/off Smart Badge

To turn on and off Smart Badge - press red button for 5 seconds.


Smart Badge might be turned off at arrival.

Technical Specification

Power Environmental Requirements Electronics Battery/Mains Operating Mode Connectivity
CP224147 Batteries Operation temperature - 0°C ~ 55°C nRF52832 Over-the-Air beacon update/Cloud management Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
Battery life - 3 years with IR active, 5 years 1 Hz beaconing Operation humidity - 10% ~ 90% - non condensing IR receiver Beacon broadcasting Up to 30 meters
LIS2DH/LIS3DH accelerometer (motion and orientation detection) IR scanning for room level tracing
Temperature sensor Environmental sensing - temperature
2 buttons Motion detection
User buttons