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Introduction to Portal Light

Portal Light is primary Bluetooth Low Energy gateway device. Its used to scanning and detecting Bluetooth devices in range. The device connects via WiFi with Cloud to transfer beacon presence data. Apart from its primary functionality you can also use Portal Light to send configuration changes to the beacon devices.


  • Every device has a Unique ID hardcoded during the provisioning process
  • Available versions of power sockets: EU, US, UK
  • Status LED
  • Button functionality:
    • Device reset (single 5 seconds long press then 3 rapid presses with <2sec interval)
    • Power outlet passthrough ON/OFF (single press)
  • 100-150 mA = 0.5W power consumption ~ 15 W
  • Beacon and BLE devices scanning
  • Beacon configuration update
  • Power plug active passthrough
  • Build in watchdog mechanism triggering device restart after 1 min without sending data to event/collect endpoint ( the watchdog is off when device is not connected to the network)


  • FCC and UL Certificates info will be added only on the box

WiFi Network

  • Support Wifi network frequency - 2.4 GHz
  • Network security protocols supported - WPA, WPA2-PSK, WEP (Enterprise network is in test phase and will be available Q3 2020)
  • Portal Light support 2 WIFI networks (factory default and custom)
  • Factory default network is stored on device permanently
  • Automatic reconnection to default network after 10 failed attempts to connect to custom network
  • Watchdog on API connection = Lack of API connection for more than 2 min triggers service restart
  • Customer can request order with pre configured network credentials

Bluetooth parameters

  • Single scanning window can report detection of up to 30 Bluetooth devices per second
  • No parsing of scans on hardware level (performed on Cloud level)
  • Upload of detection data every 5 sec
  • Monitored BLE Channels: 37, 38, 39
  • During connection to beacon and uploading configuration BLE scanning is stopped
  • Scanning advertisement and scan response packets
  • Device config and firmware update
  • Device configuration is OTA process
  • Device firmware update is OTA process
  • Portal Light checks for new firmware automatically every 1h (device must be online)
  • Portal Light checks for the new configuration every 60 sec (device must be online)
  • Portal Light checks for the new nearby bacon’s configuration every 60 sec (device must be online)

Panel and Mobile app support

  • Panel
  • Panel provides online, location independent ability to reconfigure Portal Light by account administrator.
  • API Key based administrator verification. mobile Administrator app

  • API Key based administrator verification.
  • Password protected access to Portal Light