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This section explains how to configure your Portal Beams. Make sure you have already configured the location, building and floor, if not please see: Smart Location section.

Configuration options

There are two options available for Portal Beam to be configured, you can either add Portal Beams to rooms using Kio Cloud or use the mobile application.

Kio Installer App

Scan Portal Beam QR code

Kio Installer App allows you to add Portal Beams to the room easily. It's available for Google Android and Apple iOS. After you download it you need to log in with your Kio Cloud account, then click on the + icon and select Beam Setup. Click on the navy blue bar at the top of the screen to activate the QR reader and scan QR code that is printed on the back of Portal Beam


Make sure you scan the QR code before you mount Portal Beam on the ceiling.

Select room

After the QR code on the back of Portal Beam is scanned, the Installer Application can recognize a device and prompts you to choose a location that you would like to add Portal Beam to. Click on Choose location, select location, building and room.

Perform Portal Beam tests

After you choose a room for Portal Beam a summary page appears for you to confirm your choices. After you click Next series of tests needs to be done. The first test checks if the Installer App can connect to Portal Beam, after the connection is successful the Portal Beam LED will blink green. The next test checks if Portal Beam broadcasts the correct room number. For the last test, please stand under the Portal Beam for at least 20 seconds to allow Portal Beam to recognize you and update the occupancy counter. After this time you can tap on Test room occupancy.

If all tests were successful, Portal Beam is correctly added to a room. You can either choose Beam setup again to add the next Portal Beam or click on exit. You can always open Beam Setup again by clicking + button on Installer App.

Smart Location

Select room

Smart Location also allows you to add Portal Beams to rooms, go to Smart Location -> Locations List -> Location -> Building Floor - and click on Edit Rooms and Devices

Add Portal Beam

Select a room that you would like to add Portal Beam to and select Portal Beam MAC Address, click on Add than Save.


You can check Portal Beams MAC Address on Beacons -> Beacon list -> Select Beams unique id you need to check MAC Address.

After you add all your Portal Beams click on Save and Continue


Portal Beam requires a Portal Light or Cisco access point to send data to the Kio Cloud.

Add Portal Light to floor

DNA Spaces Integration

Preview Portal Beam environmental sensors on Kio Cloud

After you have successfully added Portal Beams to rooms you can click on the room to see its information.

  • People in room - number of people detected by Portal Beam Occupancy feature
  • Temperature - Temperature captured by Portal Beam sensors
  • Light intensity - measured in %
  • Humidity - measured in %
  • Air Quality Index

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