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From Kio Cloud, you can manage your Gateways (e.g. Portal Lights) and external Gateways (access point integrations).

From your Kio Cloud Launchpad, go to Device Management > select Gateways. A list of all your Gateways is displayed.

Below you'll find more about Gateway settings, information, and available features.

List view

The Gateways list view provides a snapshot of the primary information and settings for each device.

From the list view, you can also:

  • Filter by product model
  • Search for Gateways (Advanced Search)
  • View the profile of each Gateway
  • Bulk edit many Gateways at the same time

List view information

Information/Setting Description
(settings available vary by the Gateway type)
Pending update indicator SYNC icon displayed when the Gateway has a pending setting update. A Gateway downloads setting updates during each connection to its configured WiFi network.
Id Unique ID, select the link to view its profile
MAC Unique 12 character MAC address ( Portal Light only)
Firmware Current firmware version
Tags Identifies a tag associated to the Gateway
Type Identifies if it's a Gateway or an external Gateway access point
Order ID Order ID associated to the Gateway
EDIT Select to view its profile - where you can edit its settings and view additional information

Filter & Advanced Search options

When you need to find a single or several Gateways, be sure to use the filter and Advanced Search options. Advanced Search provides more options when you're looking for a specific device - including searching by MAC address, tag, and more.

View a Gateway profile

Each Gateway has a profile where you can view its information and manage its settings.

To view the profile of a Gateway, from the list of Gateways select its ID link or select EDIT.

Device information

This section provides basic information about a Gateway, including its current firmware version, who has shared access to the device, MAC address, and current status (Online/Offline).

WiFi network properties

You can configure the custom WiFi settings for your Gateway models (e.g. Portal Light).

  • Network Authentication - Personal (WPA; TKIP & AES), Enterprise (WPA2; TKIP & AES), Open WiFi (WEP; Open & Shared)
  • Network Name - SSID; case sensitive
  • Network Password - passphrase (network password); case sensitive
  • Alias - for information purposes only

Device tags

A tag assigned to a Gateway allows for easier management and searching. From the Advanced Search option, you can search by tag.

Bulk edit

Bulk edit allows you to edit the settings for many Gateways at the same time. When different product models are selected, the settings available are limited to common settings.

From the list of Gateways, select each device to update > select Bulk Edit > update the available settings > select Save Changes.