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Create Floor Plan

After you have created your location and building, its a time to create your floor plan. This section explains how to create a floor, draw floor outline and create rooms.

Create new floor

Go to Smart Location -> Locations List -> Select Location -> Select Building -> Click on Add Floor button

Create a floor

Enter the following information:

  • Name of floor
  • Level
  • Upload floor plan

Draw floor outline

Now, system will move you to floor outline editor.

Floor outline editor

You can see that grid of dots is added on the top of floor plan you uploaded, use this grid to draw your floor outline, click on rectangle or polygon tool to start drawing your building outline.


You can always change grid density or disable it if it doesn't suits on your floor plan.

Set the dimensions

After floor outline is drawn, system will display a prompt to set your building dimensions.


Please put the dimensions of an outline you just drown.

Dimensions of an outline

Draw rooms

Next step is to draw rooms inside a floor outline you just created. Please review if the outline is drawn correctly and click Save and Continue, Floor editor will move you to Room drawing tool. Room drawing tool is very similar to Floor outline editor. Start drawing your first room.

Room editor

Enter the following information:

  • Name of the room
  • Room number
  • Portal Beam MAC Address


Room numbers are very important for Badge device. You can add you Poral Beams to the rooms at this stage if theay are already installed in rooms.

For now, lets leave Portal Beam MAC addresses, we'll add them later.

Continue drawing your room outlines, remember to set correct room numbers. When all your rooms are drown, click on Save and Continue.

Room editor

Add devices

Now location setup is complete, please see others section to learn how to place devices on map: