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From Kio Cloud, you can view and manage your Beacons. To view your Beacons, go to the Kio Cloud Launchpad, select to Device Management > select Beacons.

Below you'll find more about Beacon settings, information, and available features.

List view

The Beacons list view provides a snapshot of the primary information and settings for each Beacon.

From the Beacons list view, you can also:

  • Filter the Beacons displayed
  • Search for Beacons
  • View the profile of each Beacon
  • Bulk edit many Beacons at the same time
  • Download Beacon profiles into a CSV file

List view information

Information/Setting Description
Pending update indicator SYNC icon displayed when the Beacon has a pending setting update. change. A Beacon downloads setting updates during its next connection to either a Portal Light gateway, BLE-enabled Gateway/Access Point, or a mobile app.
Id (Name) By default set to its BLE UUID and can be set to a unique name. Select the link to view its profile.
MAC Unique 12 character MAC address
Product device model
Profile Identifies if the iBeacon device packet is enabled
Tags Identifies a tag associated to the Beacon
Battery Last reported battery level
TX Power Current setting value
Interval (ms) Current TX Power Interval setting value
Major & Minor iBeacons numbers assigned to the Beacon.
Identifies the device with greater accuracy than using UUID alone.
Minor and Major are unsigned integer values between 0 and 65535. iBeacon standard requires both a Major and Minor value to be assigned.
Order ID Order ID associated to the Beacon

Filter & search options

When you need to find a single or several Beacons, be sure to use the filter and search options. The Advanced Search provides more options when you're looking for a specific beacon - including searching by UUID, MAC address, and more.

You can also use the filtering options to provide insight into the health of your Beacons - identify devices that have low battery levels or have not transmitted data for a specific time frame, or when there is a firmware release you can filter the devices by firmware versions to easily identify devices needing the firmware update.

  • Product Model - filter by models
  • Firmware version - filter by current firmware version
  • Battery level - filter by last reported battery level. Battery level is transmitted to Kio Cloud by a Portal Light gateway or mobile app.
  • Last Seen - filter by the last time data was received. Data is transmitted to Kio Cloud by a Portal Light gateway or mobile app.

View a Beacon profile

Each Beacon has a profile where you can view its information and manage its settings.

From the list of Beacons, select the ID/Name of the Beacon. Its information and settings are categorized into tabs as detailed below. The tabs displayed do vary by the product model.


When you make a setting change, the Beacon downloads the setting change during its next connection to either a Portal Light, BLE-enabled Gateway/Access Point, or a mobile app (Kio Gateway Installer app).

General tab

This section allows you to change Name of the Beacon and its TX Power and interval that the Beacon is broadcasting BLE packets.

You can also view its firmware version, shared access, battery level, last connection, and MAC address.

Device Tags

A tag assigned to a Beacon allows for easier management and searching. You can filter or search by tags from your Beacon list view.

Device Packets

Configure what packets are enabled on the Beacon.

  • Enable/disable iBeacon and change UUID, Major, Minor

  • Enable/disable Eddystone UID, change Namespace, Instance ID, Enable/disable Eddystone URL, TLM, EID, Encrypted TLM

  • Enable disable Kontakt Packet, Telemetry, Location

Learn more about Beacon packets

Sensors tab

Applies to Beacons equipped with occupancy and environmental sensors.

Air sensor

Applies to Portal Beam only.

Calculates the Air Quality Index in a space by measuring various chemical structure readings. These readings include Carbon Monoxide, Ethanol, Volatile Organic Compounds, PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10.0, Carbon Dioxide, and Gas Resistance.


  • Air sensor: ON or OFF

  • Air Sensor Probing Interval: how frequent readings are calculated.

Air quality index values

AQI Level Category Health Implications
0 to 50 Excellent No health implications.
51 to 100 Good Some pollutants may slightly affect very few hypersensitive individuals.
101 to 150 Lightly Polluted Healthy people may experience slight irritations and sensitive individuals will be slightly affected to a larger extent.
151 to 200 Moderately Polluted Sensitive individuals will experience more serious conditions. The hearts and respiratory systems of healthy people may be affected.
201 to 300 Heavily Polluted Healthy people will commonly show symptoms. People with respiratory or heart diseases will be significantly affected and will experience reduced endurance in activities.
> 300 Severely Polluted Healthy people will experience reduced endurance in activities and may also show noticeably strong symptoms. Other illnesses may be triggered in healthy people. Elders and the sick should remain indoors and avoid exercise. Healthy individuals should avoid activities.

Light sensor

Applies to Portal Beam only.

Measures the light in the space resulting in the indication of the light level intensity.


  • Light sensor: ON or OFF

  • Light Sensor Probing Interval: how frequent a reading is taken.

Light intensity values

Measured in percent; 1 to 100%

Power Saving tab

You can manage when a Beacon broadcasts by enabling an available Power Saving mode. When a Beacon is in a Power Saving mode it consumes less power and will extend its battery lifespan. For example, when set to broadcast only during working hours it consumes less power during the non-working hours.

  • Active broadcasting windows: when set to ON, you can change the number of seconds the Beacon is in advertising mode and sleep mode.
  • Movement based broadcasting: when set to ON, if movement is not detected the Beacon automatically enters Power Saving mode. During Power Saving mode, the Beacon broadcasts less frequently (every 2 to 10 seconds).
  • Working hours: when set to ON, the Beacon only broadcasts between the hour time period(s) set in each day. Be sure to set the local Time Zone.

Security tab (secure shuffling)

When this feature is turned on and the Beacon downloads the configuration change, it gets a new UUID and starts broadcasting randomly generated Major and Minor values.


Please make sure that your infrastructure is ready before enabling this feature. To learn more, see Secure Shuffling.

Sharing tab

Sharing is required to grant a user's permission to access your Beacon devices. By default only the account owner has shared permissions to all devices.

For a user to access your Beacons, they are required to have a shared permission to each device. There are three different device sharing permission levels, which are described below.

To share a Beacon with someone they must be a user in your Kio Cloud account. When you share a device, you'll enter the user's email address associated with their Kio Cloud user account. If you need to share a large quantity of devices be sure to use the Bulk Edit feature.


Device sharing permissions are different from the role assigned to users. The role assigned to a user grants their permission to Kio Cloud features.

Sharing devices is important for those integrating with the Kio Cloud platform - each Kio Cloud user has a unique API key that includes their shared device permissions. For example, you have a third-party developer responsible for your integration with the Kio Cloud platform. To allow their access to your devices, you'll add them as a user in your Kio Cloud account and then set their shared device permission level. You can set their shared access to expire on a specific date or not to expire.

Shared device permission levels

Option Description
Change Owner (Assign to subordinate) A device can only have one owner. The owner has permission to edit the device configuration, share the device with other users, and remove a user's shared device permission.
Share with viewer permissions User has access to view the device. They cannot edit the device configuration or share the device with other users.
Share with editor permissions User has permission to edit the device configuration. They cannot share the device with other users.
Move to other company A device can be moved to a different Kio Cloud account (company). When a device is moved, you're transferring full control of the device to the account and the device will not be visible from your Kio Cloud account.

Bulk edit

Bulk edit allows you to edit the settings for many devices at the same time. When different product models are selected, the settings available are limited to common settings.

From the list of Beacons, select each Beacon to update > select Bulk Edit> update the available settings > select Save Changes.


The selected Beacons download the settings changes during their next connection to either a Portal Light gateway, BLE-enabled Gateway/Access Point, or a mobile app.

CSV export

You can download Beacon profile information and settings as a CSV file.

From your Beacons list select the Beacons to include, select CSV > select Export selected > select Download CSV File. The file is automatically saved to your local downloads folder location.