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Add Devices

When you receive an order from, the first step is to add the devices to your Kio Cloud account. After they are added and the devices are setup and configured, you can then manage and monitor them from Kio Cloud at anytime, from anywhere.

How to add your devices

Before you begin, make sure you have your Order ID. Your Order ID is located on the Quick Start Guide card included in the order's package and also provided in your order confirmation email.

Sign into Kio Cloud > from your Launchpad, select Add Devices > enter your Order ID (it's case sensitive) > select ADD DEVICES. The devices are automatically added to your account.


If you received a wrong Order ID error, the Order ID has already been used. Please get in touch with the person who placed the order - they can move the devices to your account.

Once added, the next step is to place the install location of each device into your Smart Location.

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