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Telemetry API

Telemetry API is a suite of tools designed to help collecting and working with telemetry data provided by sensor-equipped beacons. It was introduced in Autumn 2017 together with firmware 1.10 for Beacon Pros.

As of October 2018 Beacon Pros BP16-3, Asset Tags S18-3, Card Tag CT18-3, Smart Beacon SB18-3 and Heavy Duty Beacons HD18-3 provide Telemetry data. These beacons are equipped with various assortment of sensors. Most of them have at least thermometer and accelerometer, so they can provide information about ambient temperature, raw acceleration (movement) values in X, Y and Z axis, as well as report events like double tap and free fall. Additionally, some devices have e.g. a light sensor, a high precision humidity and temperature sensor, and/or a button (telemetry data provide information how many times a button was pressed and how much time has passed since the last event).

All this data is collected by Gateways GW16-2 or other compatible 3rd party scanners. Access to these sensor readings and information about detected events is available through Data Streams. Instructions on how to access these Data Streams are available in this article: Data Streams Monitoring.

Since sensors impact power consumption on beacons, Telemetry data is not broadcasted by default. Telemetry packet needs to be enabled on each beacon that we might want to use for collecting data. Configuration process and sensor parameters are described in detail in this article: Enabling and configuring the Telemetry Packet.